IPAF Training

On 16/01/11 James Completed his IPAF 3a, 3b Training enabling him to safely and responsibly use boom and scissor type lifts. He is also booked in to complete his forklift and telehandler training so he can further his useful skills.

Tig Practice.

I made a stand to hold the sand paper in the workshop. I turned it into a bit of a project to do in down time using the mill and the TIG welder. I used the mill to cut the arc out of the ends of the 10mm steel rod. Then welded it all together.


I’m currently working on Gravity for Neil Corbould Sfx.  I’ve been learning new skills on the lathe and mill. Turning steel, aluminum and delrin. Making spacers, pulleys and plates from technical drawings accurate to 0.05 of mm